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Code for San Francisco

Landing page for Code for San Francisco

#How to Code for this Repo Option A: Fork, Edit, then Pull Request when ready. Option B: If in San Francisco’s Brigade and you have write access to repo: Develop/test in your own branch, preferablly a feature-named-branch, and once it’s ready for production, merge into master, which auto deploys to GitHub pages for codeforsanfrancisco.org

Also, it’s nice if you merge/commit to gh-pages, that you let the team know on our Google Group.

#License Apache License, Version 2.0

#Attribution and Thanks This repo and the site codeforvirginiabeach.org uses Twitter Bootstrap and started from their Carousel jumbotron template. They are awesome.

#Issues, Questions, Wana Help? We take Pull Requests! See http://codeforsanfrancisco.org for getting involved, and http://codeforamerica.org if outside San Francisco, California. Use github’s issues if you see a problem or have a feature request.