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#DEPRECATED: This repo is no longer under development or being maintained. Information is for reference purposes only.

Work on this repo is suspended in favor of a new approach. Please visit our new repo at https://github.com/sfbrigade/lighten

SF Social Services Open Referral

SF Open Referral is working with several local government agencies to collect, maintain, and publish information about social services in San Francisco.


Before contributing, please read our wiki to understand the needs, background, and context of the project.

Please see the [CONTRIBUTING] document for specifics about submitting contributions through GitHub.

Once you’ve done that, contact project management or engineering to find out where your contribution will be most helpful.

Thanks for your contributions!

Getting Started

After you have cloned this repo, run this setup script to set up your machine with the necessary dependencies to run and test this app:

% ./bin/setup

It assumes you have a machine equipped with Ruby, Postgres, etc. If not, set up your machine with this script.

After setting up, you can run the application using foreman:

% foreman start

If you don’t have foreman, see Foreman’s install instructions. It is purposefully excluded from the project’s Gemfile.

Visit localhost:3000 to make sure it’s running.

Data Import

Data from the plaintext dump of APD’s guidebook should be migrated into the database as part of the ./bin/setup script. The data import is handled by Rails’ db/seeds.rb file, and can be re-run with:

rake db:seed

If you ever need to reset the database, try:

rake db:drop db:setup db:seed


Use the following guides for getting things done, programming well, and programming in style.

Env Setup FAQ

Error: Command ‘qmake ‘ not available

Common fix on macs: brew install qt

Otherwise try: installing capybara-webkit

Error: No pg_config… trying anyway.

You don’t have postgres installed. TODO: find link.

Ruby env out of date / not installed

Install ruby on Ubunutu

Missing psql

Install postgresql on Ubuntu

Error: PG::ConnectionBad: fe_sendauth: no password supplied

Your pgsql is probably not setup. Create a username and password for your pgsql. pgsql setup

Update /config/database.yml to have a username and password:

    username: postgres
    password: postgres