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#NOTE: This repo is no longer being maintained. Information is for reference purposes only.

##About the Project

The SF Open Referral project is part of a larger movement to collect raw data about social services, including where they are and what they offer to whom, and transform it into a standard that can be shared broadly through any tool that supports the emerging Open Referral Specification.

An additional aim of this project is to automate how service organizations collect and update their information by using the Ohana API to send the now standardized data into individually maintained service provider databases. Ohana is the product of the 2013 Code for America fellowship project in San Mateo County, which also produced SMC-Connect. This project is based on these earlier efforts.

##How to Contribute Before contributing, read our wiki to understand the needs, background, and context of the project, as well as view implementation examples of Ohana and the Open Referral spec. Once you’ve done that, contact project management or engineering to find out where your contribution will be most helpful.

Thanks for reading and happy hacking!