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A small app to check whether lots are in a liquifaction zone. An SF Brigade project.

This app will live at, allowing property owners to check whether they are in certain zones. We’re doing this because the City of San Francisco recently passed an ordinance requiring a some homes to undergo mandatory retrofits, making these mostly large apartment buildings safer in an Earthquake. Building owners have to follow a timeline for retrofitting, part of which is determined by soil status.

Use on your site

To add the form itself to a webpage, copy everything between <body> and </body> (don’t include the tags!). Paste into the area you want your form to go.

To add the javascript, copy everything between <script> and </script>. Paste into the section after </body>, inside the <script> tag.

Finally, add the CSS. Copy everything between <style> and </style> (it’s up at the top). Paste into the <style> section in the head.