Lane Breach

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Lane Breach

The immediate goal of Lane Breach is to make it safer for commuters to bike, scoot, or roll around San Francisco.

While the city is counted among the best for bike infrastructure in the country, the decisons surrounding this infrastructure often rely on incomplete or siloed information. With the recent addition of user-reported bike lane blockages to SF311, we hope to provide city planners and activists some insight on how effective this infrastructure really is.

You can find a short presentation about the high-level motivation for the project here.

We are currently prototyping a collection of services:

- Backend: rails, postgresql, heroku, docker, graphql

- Twitter bot: node, AWS Lambda

- Website: react, Mapbox

- iOS app that improves 311 mobile experience for bike lane users

- Android app: help wanted!

Project Status prototype
Civic Topics Infrastructure transportation justice responsible consumption micromobility open data
Skills Needed react node graphql rails android
Slack Channel #lane-breach
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