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A small Node.js webhook service to auto-label new issues or PRs on submission

This micro-service depends on enviroment variables being set. Listed below are the required values.

Environment Variable Description Default
GITHUB_REPOS A comma-delimited list of repos to watch for (e.g. github-auto-label or github-auto-label,github-add) undefined
GITHUB_PR_LABELS A comma-delimited list of labels to attach to new pull requests (leave empty to disable PR labeling) undefined
GITHUB_ISSUE_LABELS A comma-delimited list of labels to attach to new issues (leave empty to disable issue labeling) undefined
GITHUB_TOKEN A valid Github Access Token (Create a personal one here: undefined
WEBHOOK_PATH Server path for the webhook /
GITHUB_SECRET Passphrase set up during Webhook addition thisIsASuperSecretSecret
PORT Server port 80

Set up a webhook for your repo

  • Go to
  • click on “Add Webhook”. Input your password and continue.

  • Fill in the Payload URL and Secret passphrase (GITHUB_SECRET) for the application.
  • Under “Which events would you like to trigger this webhook?”, select “Let me select individual events.”, and select only the following:
    • “Pull Request”
    • “Issues”
  • Click “Add Webhook”