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Effective.af: making activists 10x more powerful via ultra effective communities of action and autonomous software.

Ready to start harnessing the power of the internet to allow thousands of projects and millions of people to join forces to change the world?

The short-term goal is for Effective to enable participants to: create a project with a name and mission, create a hierarchy of tasks that build up to the achievement of that mission, invite others by URL (without requiring invitees to hand over their email address to the server), optionally invite others into specific roles (with a title and associated task list), ask for help or clarify the assigned tasks in per-task chat rooms, attach files and documents to tasks, get summoned when relevant events occur (e.g., when you are assigned a task, or when mentioned), receive social recognition for contributions (via karma points), and assign tasks to other projects in this ecosystem in order to harness its collective expertise and desire to change the world.

Effective can be used for a great many things. But we, its creators, have certain interests. Specifically, we are focused on organizing activists, non-profits, and projects tackling grand challenges in order to help solve serious problems we face as a society and fight for a better future for all.

In addition to fighting for this more prosperous future, we aim to confront and correct, via an energetic, global network of forward-thinking individuals, the injustices imposed on society by criminalized institutions the world over.

To read more about the broader vision, see https://effective.af/2018/12/31/the-vision/.

To contribute to this epic project, join our Slack channel or contact our fearless leader, Steve Phillips, who’s been using Linux since 2001, programming since 2009, co-founded Santa Barbara Hackerspace in 2010, gave a DEF CON talk in 2015, and moved to SF in 2016 to be closer to people like you.

Project Status alpha
Website https://effective.af/
Civic Topics activism changing the world privacy encryption end-to-end encryption
Skills Needed ux react.js
Slack Channel #effectiveaf
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