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This is a project of the Data Science Working Group at Code for San Francisco

These DSWG members are contributors to this project, and how to get in touch with us on slack:

Name Slack Handle
Tyler Field @tyler
Sanat Moningi @sanat
Geoffrey Pay @gpay

The pipeline dataset
The pipeline website
An old report

All datasets posted on SF OpenData

dataset api link
2012-Quarter-1 2012-Quarter-1 api
2012-Quarter-2 2012-Quarter-2 api
2012-Quarter-4 2012-Quarter-4 api
2013-Quarter-1 2013-Quarter-1 api
2013-Quarter-2 2013-Quarter-2 api
2013-Quarter-3 2013-Quarter-3 api
2013-Quarter-4 2013-Quarter-4 api
2014-Quarter-1 2014-Quarter-1 api
2014-Quarter-2 2014-Quarter-2 api
2014-Quarter-3 2014-Quarter-3 api
2014-Quarter-4 2014-Quarter-4 api
2015-Quarter-1 2015-Quarter-1 api
2015-Quarter-2 2015-Quarter-2 api
2015-Quarter-3 2015-Quarter-3 api
2015-Quarter-4 2015-Quarter-4 api
2016-Quarter-1 2016-Quarter-1 api

Useful Term Dictionary

Entitlement Status: 0 = Under Planning Review, -1 = Approved By Planning
APN: Assessor Parcel Number (blocklot, blklot)
MIPS: Managerial, Information, Professional Services. (Same as Office?)
CIE: Cultural, Institutional, Educational
PDR: Production, Distribution, Repair