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This is an app for tracking ballot initiatives in San Francisco


1) Install Rails and Bundler if you don’t already have them

gem install rails
gem install bundler

2) Clone this repo

git clone

4) Install required gems

cd ballot_initiative
bundle install

5) Migrate your database

rake db:migrate

6) Start your rails server

rails s

7) View your app at http://localhost:3000

Data Sources

  • 2012 Election, San Francisco County, CA Propositions:
  • SF Ethics Commission 2012 Election, Ballot Measures:
  • SF Ethics Commission Campaign Consultants - Research and Filings:
  • City & County of SF Nov. 2013 Local Ballot Measure Status:
  • SF Public Library Historical San Francisco Ballot Propositions Database:
  • SF Data Nov 2012 Ballot Measures - Independent Expenditures:
  • SF Data List of Historical Ballot Measures: