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Project demo night!

Want to see how volunteers are using technology to tackle hard challenges in San Francisco? Code for SF is hosting a demo night of the projects our members are building. 

These volunteers are working to increase voter knowledge, reduce flooding in SF, understand the relationship between demographic and contextual factors contribute to juvenile arrests, and much more. There will be quick presentations (with questions) followed by a social event. See what Code for SF is doing, meet the people building these solutions, and even join a project!

Presenting projects include:

Adopt-a-Drain SF

    Reduce flooding by keeping storm drains clear


    Consolidate brigade admin tasks into a centralized hub. + website. + checkin. + lots more

SF Crime Data Map 

    Satisfy Cleary Act info requirements to minimize SFPD requests

We Vote

    Increase voter turnout. Provide a place for voters to share their views and learn about candidates and ballot measures

CA OpenJustice

    Using inferential statistics and predictive modeling to identify problems and opportunities within the CA justice system, especially for juvenile populations.

CPUC - Mobile Broadband Data

    Helping the CPUC understand their data and operate efficiently as well as show why their work is useful and how it's being implemented.

Zika VR

    Using virtual and augmented reality to explore UX and address public health concerns

Brigade Project Match Maker

    Improving new member experience and productivity at the weekly hack night

Data Science Working Group - Bay Area Homeless Project

    To answer the question: What types of programs/services predict positive outcomes (permanent housing) for Santa Clara homeless populations?

SF Open Data

    This project aims to use text processing, analytics, and topic modelling of search text to improve the user experience at

If you have a project to present, but haven't had a chance to sign up yet, please fill out this form. We'll take new submissions on a first-come-first-serve basis until we run out of time for presentations.


6:00p Doors open, socialize and eat dinner

7:00p Project presentations and demos

9:00p Demos expected to end; chat with the project teams

10:00p doors close and lights out.

Check out our website. Read/contribute to our code. Communicate via our slack team (or IRC Freenode #sfbrigade). 

If you have questions, please reach out over Slack, contact the organizers via meetup, or drop by on Wednesday evening.

6:00 PM, Wednesday, December 7, 2016