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Quilt (data) & OpenJustice + Hack Night

Join Quilt and OpenJustice at Hack Night this week!

Quilt is a collaborative database. Teams can create and share a data warehouse on Quilt as easily as setting up a Dropbox folder. Quilt data sets are live repositories featuring visualization, a REST API, and ODBC connection. Learn more at Hack Night with Kevin Moore, CEO!

Justin Erlich and Sundeep Pattem will be representing the Office of the CA Attorney General and presenting on OpenJustice, their effort to open up data from the CA Department of Justice. Extremely cool stuff!

Interested in helping San Francisco? You have found the right place! 

Join neighbors, government employees, designers, coders, students and more! Our weekly hack night is focused on civic tech and making government services better in San Francisco. We hack/build and learn together every Wednesday evening.

• Contribute to the betterment of San Francisco

• Build your own portfolio of work or work on someone else's cool project

• Meet new (and different!) people

Interested in our current projects?

This week

Hacking with CivicMakers, WeVote, OpenReferral, Data Science Team, SF Crime Data, Adopt-A-Drain, and many more.


6:00p doors open, socialize and eat dinner

6:30p welcome remarks, presentations from Quilt and OpenJustice, and project pitches

7:15p start hacking, stay for new member orientation, or chat with the speakers

8:00p more hacking

9:00p keep on hacking

10:00p doors close and lights out.

Check out our website. Read/contribute to our code. Communicate via our slack team (or IRC Freenode #sfbrigade). 

If you have questions, please reach out over Slack, contact the organizers via meetup, or drop by on Wednesday evening.

6:00 PM, Wednesday, June 1, 2016