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Weekly Civic Hack Night

Join us for a re-cap of the 2014 Code for America Summit (and some hacking, of course!).

We will:

• Show a few short video clips from the Summit

• Share why this was such an inspirational conference

• Discuss how we can move forward and improve as a Brigade

YOU are a critical part of how we move forward and your voice is important to those of us who organize the Brigade. 

Come and participate in this discussion!

Other equally awesome reasons to come:

• Contribute to the betterment of San Francisco, whether or not you code

• Build your own portfolio of work or work on someone else's cool project

• Meet new (and different!) people

Check out our website:

Visit our GitHub (where we keep our code):

Visit our Google Drive (where we keep our project info):

Join the discussion online in our Google Group or on our IRC Freenode channel (#sfbrigade or #codeforamerica) 

Code for San Francisco is a chapter of the Code for America Brigade program.

6:30 PM, Wednesday, October 1, 2014