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Weekly Civic Hack Night plus speaker Alex Kouts

Before we get started hacking this week, we have a guest speaker: Alex Kouts will present "How to make government sexy?"

Description: Why are people apathetic about government operation? What does it take to shake people from apathy? What tools can we use from the fields of user experience design and data analytics to engage them? Moreover, if I was the product manager of the government how would I get my users to engage with my content?

About Alex: I have spent my career as a user experience designer and product manager in consumer technology companies. I am looking to take what I have learned and apply it to making government information interesting to people that are uninterested. I think it would be extremely valuable to host a guided discussion on the topic that aims to generate ideas to help bring government to the 99% that are critically apathetic. I currently teach classes at a startup school called General Assembly in San Francisco ( and have run similar sessions in the past. I think this would be a huge amount of fun and useful!

Interested in helping San Francisco? Excellent!

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6:30 PM, Wednesday, August 6, 2014