Auto-add users to a github org
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A lightweight node application that adds users to the github org. This was thrown together in about an hour, Pull requests are absolutely welcome.

Code for San Francisco deploy (on free Heroku dyno):


This application is driven by environment variables. When setting up your instance, please make sure to provide these values:

Variable Name Description Example value
SITE_IMAGE Image to show at top of form. not currently used ""
SITE_TITLE Title to show at top of form "Github Access"
SITE_WELCOME Welcome text Input your username below, and you'll be added as a basic member of the org.
SITE_ACCEPT_INVITE Screenshot to show in form for accepting invite
SITE_ACCEPT_INVITE_2 Another screenshot to show
GITHUB_ORG Name of your github organization sfbrigade
GITHUB_TOKEN Access Token of an organization admin (with add rights admin:org scope). Can be created here: