A url shortening service for Code for San Francisco
Code for San Francisco
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A url shortening service for Code for San Francisco. Built off sahat/hackathon-starter. A very quickly made app. PRs are absolutely welcome.

Code for San Francisco deploy: http://c4sf.me/admin


Public Page

Enviroment variables to set

Variable Name Description Example value
MONGODB MongoDB instance URL mongodb://localhost:27017/c4brigade-me
MONGOLAB_URI MongoDB instance URL (should be same as above) mongodb://
SESSION_SECRET Session salt string 7hi$is@seCret
GITHUB_ID Github application id (create them here: https://github.com/organizations/your-organization/settings/applications/new) d4409ccd238d6db56255 (for local installation)
GITHUB_SECRET Github application secret 5c37cffa6fb7092e64e61f695d7b527f45caca15 (for local installation)