Help us convert a massive, valuable Word Document into a high-quality, accessible static website!

We have completed a proof of concept and are almost ready to publish our first version! You can view the current HTML output on our github pages site.

Every year, Root & Rebound publishes a resource entitled Roadmap to Reentry: A California Legal Guide that helps currently and formerly incarcerated folks, their loved ones, and advocates work towards rebuilding lives. Root & Rebound manages to typeset and print this massive 1000+ page book from a single Microsoft Word document, and mail it to incarcerated people throughout California and beyond.

After deliberation about content management and publishing strategies, we've decided that the best way to put this content on the web is to convert the Word Document to a set of static HTML pages. We call this, the Roadmap to HTML.

Our Roadmap:

  1. Determine the an appropriate web publishing workflow and content management strategy. Done!
  2. Create mockups to identify branding and navigation strategies. Done!
  3. Create a proof of concept converting the Word document to HTML. Done!
  4. Create a proof of concept to parse out navigation structure from the Word doc. Done!
  5. Publish a basic set of structured pages as a static site using Github Pages. Done!
  6. Improve HTML, content, and styling for better accessibility, usability, and semantic clarity. In process
  7. Add search-based navigation.
  8. Verify the MVP criteria and usability
  9. Publish the MVP!