We're looking for a few good product launch leaders!

Apply to support the launch of projects at Code for San Francisco and help us grow into a more effective, impactful, and inclusive organization. We are looking for two leads to help support project launches, as well as folks to support those leads or specialize in specific roles.

##The Pitch

Do you love keeping things on track, removing obstacles to completion, and patiently helping people think through tough issues? Can you inspire someone to test their product (on a weekend) in the real world? As one of two Project Launch Leads or part of a team of Lead Supporters, you will have a centerpiece position in our growing organization and will work with Code for San Francisco projects, both new and old, to:

  • Help them define their roadmap and launch date
  • Understand and address their talent and resource gaps
  • Remember that they should always focus on the people using their product
  • Personally connect to their end users

##Project Launch Team Responsibilities:

  • Coordination
    • Build out and coordinate the Project Launch Team
    • Collaborate with Captains, Onboarding Team, and Website Team to assist in the incubation, growth, and launch of projects
    • Strategically plan project launches, project needs, and overall life cycle/phase of projects, including project sunsets
    • Communicate project milestones and context for marketing, outreach, funding, and recruiting efforts
  • Process
    • Define and improve our program management process
    • Help develop project development process, to help volunteers understand how to launch new projects and incubate new ones.
    • Review and develop project methodology and tools
    • Evaluate feasibility of new project ideas (i.e. timing, thematic fit into Code for San Francisco’s core project requirements, values, etc.) and encourage development as appropriate
  • Support
    • Help project leaders move their products from idea to launch and from launch to growth.
    • Help project leads stay aligned with Code for San Francisco’s goals
    • Help projects recruit for each stage of their lifecycle
    • Work with the Onboarding Team in support of the matching process to help volunteers and teams connect at each stage of their projects
    • Engage and educate project leads on project methodologies and tools

##Relevant Skills

  • Project, product, or program management background
  • Experience revising a process or workflow
  • Adaptability
  • Patience
  • Seriously amazing communication skills


  • Attend in-person monthly Core Team coordination meeting
  • Attend monthly meeting for Project Launch Team members (coordinated among your team)
  • Attend hack nights and Brigade events that generate projects, such as hackathons
  • Available for 5-10 hours of communication per month outside of Hack Nights on projects

##Metrics The Project Launch Team will track the following:

  • Stages of all projects (inactive, active, launched) and progress through those stages
  • Project launch timelines
  • Project human and technical resource needs
  • Possible redeployments of projects from other cities
  • Other metrics as appropriate

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